Minister: Zimbabweans Should embrace GMOs Technology

By Wilson Mtetwa
The Minister of Science and Technology Heneri Dzinotyiwei said “the government to use the GMOs foodstuffs as they have proven to be healthy, ” while Addressing Members of Parliament,
He said that while responding to a question by Siyabonga Ncube MP of Insiza (MDC) who wanted to know government policy regarding the use of GMO seeds in drought stricken areas.
In reacting to the question the minister pointed out that GMOs do not interfere with the environment and they were assessed to be medically suitable
He said most countries, including the USA had endorsed the consumption of GMO foodstuffs “I must underline that on the issue of GMOS, we have to move with the times they are healthy and you have many Zimbabweans in South Africa and that is what they consume”.
He said “the US was a very sensitive country when it comes to the issue of health regarding food items, but its Food and Drug Administration Authority had long endorsed GMOs”
“In an attempt to fight drought, as you have indicated, and to cut down the cost on chemicals, we believe from the scientific angle that it is vital to introduce GMOs. As I indicated, this is an issue that requires government to have consensus and then move on”
Dzinotyiwei, however, said the Agriclture ministry was not comfortable with use of GMO seeds
“They often cite economic reasons on certain products from Zimbabwe which might be marketed to those countries where there are people with excitement for organic foods. From our assessment, many of such persons would be in Europe and even in America”. He said
Dzinotyiwei told the House of Assembly that the level of scientific content in primary education should not be less than 30%.
Responding to a question by Mutasa Norrah MP David Chimhini MDC T who wanted to know government policy on the introduction of science and technology in schools. Dzinotyiwei said there was a clear policy stating that science content must not be less than 30% at primary level
“It means that even if they are studying history the pupils must have an opportunity to make use of scientific concepts in understanding that subject”, the minister said

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