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 Gmail: Priority Inbox

Are you overwhelmed by the number of emails in your inbox and how long it takes to wade through them all? Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature helps you focus on important messages first by automatically separating your important messages from the rest of your emails.

Enable your Priority Inbox

To try out this feature, just point your mouse at your Inbox label, click the small arrow that appears, and select Priority Inbox from the menu.

To get back to your regular inbox, simply open the same menu you used to enable Priority Inbox, and choose another option (such as Default).

Priority Inbox at a glance

Once you enable your Priority Inbox, you’ll notice that it’s divided into three sections:


  • Important and unread: All messages Gmail deems important that you haven’t read

  • Starred: Any starred messages

  • Everything else: Messages that Gmail believes may not be as important to you

Train Priority Inbox

If you discover a message under Important and unread that you don’t consider important, click its importance marker (to the right of its star) to mark it as not important.

Likewise, if you discover a message in another section that is important, click that message’s importance marker to mark it as important.

Gmail will learn what’s important and not so important to you. As you work through your messages in the Important section, any messages you haven’t archived, deleted, or labeled automatically move down to Everything else. That’s just Priority Inbox helping you unclutter your Important section.

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