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Global Trends & Covid 19 Highlighted Need For Ecocash Jnr Wallet


The country’s largest mobile money platform, Ecocash has spoken of current global Trends and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic as enough reasons for their innovation of their latest new born Ecocash junior Wallet.

Speaking at the launch of the junior Wallet service, Ecocash Chief Operating Officer, Munyaradzi Nhamo said,

“Our aim is to meet the needs of young digital natives who are inclined towards a cash-free world. We believe children should be taught financial education at an early age. This can empower them to learn skills that can have a positive impact on their lives.

“The current global trends, as well as the pandemic and its impact on families, has highlighted the need for personal financial skills,” added Mr Nhamo.

In a statement, EcoCash Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Eddie Chibi said, “The mobile money platform Ecocash is already compliant with privacy-protection laws related to children and minors, and with general data-protection regulations.”

CEO Chibi revealed that these certifications ensure children and adults can safely and securely participate in the digital economy.

Chibi also added that with the EcoCash Junior Wallet, “Teens and younger children can use the wallet to purchase goods online and in-store, buy airtime, as well as conduct peer-to-peer transfers.”

EcoCash chief operating officer Munyaradzi Nhamo also emphasized that the Junior Wallet transaction limits for payments have been initially pegged at $35,000 per day and $240,000 per month as well as US$175 daily and US$700 monthly on the US dollar wallet.

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