GetCash offers lowest tariffs in Zimbabwe


Integrated mobile payment solutions provider Getcash Zimbabwe has introduced its tariffs meant to revamp the country’s payment system. These tariffs comes hot on heels of the unveiling of Getcash, at a colorful ceremony in Harare, in July.

With Getcash, one downloads their application to send or receive money from a dollar to $500 or using their agents. The platform offers a flat fee of $0, 10 on every transaction ranging from $1 to $500 when cashing in.

GetCash’s money transfer rates are the lowest on the market. For a transaction of $1 to $2,  a registered user is charged a mere $0.19 for cashing out while sending through an agent costs $0.20. When cashing out $500 one is debited $4.14 whereas sending money through an agent one is nicked $4, 24.

GetCash’s tariffs come as a relief to Zimbabwe at a time when Zimbabweans are battling a biting cash crisis . It is in this crisis that the battle to offer cheap mobile payment solutions continues.

Getcash app

Getcash app

To get the cheapest mobile payment solutions offered by Getcash, follow instructions below.

How to Download the GetCash e-wallet

Download ‘GetCash Wallet’ on Google Play for Android phones or in the App Store for iOS phones.

  1. Install the app onto your phone.
  2. Once installed, open the app and choose the register option.
  3. Enter the information requested.
  4. You will be asked to enter an activation code which will be sent to your phone via SMS.
  5. Once you enter the activation code, you will be able to transact on the app.

**N.B. Remember to reset your temporary pin code to one you can remember for security reasons.

To access the full bouquet of services available, fully register your account via any of Getcash agents located across the country.

How to Download the GetCash e-wallet

Option 1: Approach any GetCash agent or GetCash merchant to cash in.

Option 2: Deposit or transfer cash at any bank into the GetCash bank account. When depositing or

transferring money from the bank, the reference will be GetCash registered phone number.

Option 3:  You can give cash to a GetCash wallet holder with credit in order for them to send or transfer  the e-value equivalent to your GetCash wallet.

Sending money

Option 1: You may transfer any amount of money from e-wallet to e-wallet for 10 cents.

Option 2: You may send money to anyone on any network who is not registered with Getcash.

Get in touch with the Getcash team on these contact details+263 8627 000 011 / / [email protected]






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