GetCash Launch Does The UnThinkable, Removes Mobile Money Charges

If there is a day in the history of Zimbabwe technology that has to be captured and well recorded  towards the growth of mobile money and ease of doing business,then today and Getcash launch will remain inseparable as one young daring CEO has thrown a dice in the tides than can take him any direction.

While this by all standards was not your ordinary tech event, graced by three cabinet ministers influencing mobile money technology including the minister of ICT Postal and couriers Services Hon Supa Mandiwanzira, Finance Minister Hon Patrick Chinamasa and The Stemitised Minister of Higher Tertiary Science and Technology Development Professor Jonathan Moyo.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

ministersProffesor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Chinamasa and Supa Mandiwanzira at getcash

ministers Proffesor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Chinamasa and Supa Mandiwanzira at Getcash Official Launch


The Chief Executive Officer of Brainworks, Mr George Manyere, proved that his brain has been at work, at a project that will see Zimbabweans sending, receiving and paying through money for free, across all networks, banks and merchants in a ground breaking move.


The move comes in just some few weeks after Brainworks, officially announced that it has taken over the troubled Nettcash, and officially named the new brand GetCash.

Ofcourse Telecel Zimbabwe in 2014 may have broken the ice when they cancelled tariffs but was only limited for Telecel to Telecel transactions only, while paying merchants and networks attracted a charge.

Get cash has announced a game changer that will be moving money free of charge within their network and will not be charging any subscriber as well to pay any merchant for a service, a move which Mr George Manyere pronounced insensible and unethical during a sideline interview with TechnoMag.

“We will never charge our customers to move money within our network, this is a family, while tax our own subscribers to move money from one to each other, its unethical business practice which is unsustainable and we will not be doing so” said Manyere.

While many were skeptical if this move was not just but a selling point to attract subscribers to the new platform,Mr Manyere reiterated that he would not advocate for such a practice and insisted that his business  model would be sustainable but he did not need to take advantage of the subscribers to be sustainable.


The Software developer behind GetCash app introduced to the public.

The Software developer behind GetCash app introduced to the public.

The Getcash business model will serve clients in three different ways mainly  over their app, where they can can transact in may different ways including paying for merchant

2. Those without app will be able to access the platform via their website directly and transact 

3 While the other models may seem to elitistic, they are honestly not meant for the growing population in the high density areas and rural who desperately need a standard smartphone to simply transact without the internet and get their cash, this is where they will have their agents to physically come in to cash in and out.

It was however not clear whether the GetCash system is or will be connected to the mobile networks via a simple USSD code which most Zimbabweans are already accustomed. This would be a major mover if this this idea is ever going to be a major success to tackle the existing giants in the market.The GetCash App is already available on Android but we could not pick it up for  iOS devices and other platforms as yet.

getcash screenshot

getcash screenshotgetcash 3








GetCash also announced that their app is integrated with all the banks and simply because it is internet based and client oriented, anyone with online banking facility can actually transfer his or her own money to the GetCash wallet without any restriction, although the bank will subject the transfer to the current stipulated charges.

We could not establish what happens to the exiting Nettcash subscribers, but most likely they are already moved into the new system which they said they already have 3000 agents around the nation.






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