Geogenix Serves Harare With Payment Default Notice


The Harare City Council has been served with a default notice by Delish Nguwaya over nonpayment of gate fees for the scandalous Pomona deal .

In a notice seen by this publication, the executive chairman of Geo Pomona Waste Management urged the council to settle bill but did not disclose the amount that the council is required.

“On 2 June 2022 the city of Harare received an invoice dated 2 June 2022,issued by the company for waste management services performed over the month of May 2022 (the “May 2022 service fee”).

Pursuit to article 22.2.4 of the concession Agreement, the city of Harare had 30 days to pay the May 2022 service fee.Having failed to do so and in accordance with 22.2.4 of the Concession Agreement ,the city of Harare is liable for late payment interest.

Consequently, the company is charging the prescribed interest rate of 12% as provided for by the Central Bank of Zimbabwe over the outstanding May 2022 service fee from 1 July 2022 per annum,applied pro rata for each day this invoice remains unsettled,”Nguwaya said.

Last month the Harare city council was served with an invoice to the tune of US$780 000 for waste management.However Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume said that the council would not pay the US$22 000 a day and not even any cent to the Geogenix BV.

Furthermore,councillors adopted adopted resolutions to suspend the Harare-Geogenix BV US$344 million Pomona agreement and also appointed a committee to review the shocking agreement with the Netherlands based  firm represented in Zimbabwe by Nguwaya.

Meanwhile Nguwaya has warned the Harare City Council that Geo Pomona Waste Management would cease services to the council if it does not settle the bill.

Kudzai Madziva

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