Effortless and Economical Fun Video Creation With New GoPro and Hero 5 Cameras

Zimbabwean social media enthusiasts, music and film directors love creating as well as sharing videos on InstaGram, Facebook and Youtube to mention but a few. Here is a fun, and effortless way to get your videos out there in tip-top shape.

With these new gadgets Go Pro and Hero 5 Black action camera, creating videos will never feel like a mammoth task.

Instead of parting with thousands of dollars investing on videography equipment then go through the tedious process of editing, and streaming videos on a fixed workstation, Go Pro and Hero 5 are for the witty and thrifty people as they go for $399  and $299 respectively. The product can be bought on the gopro website

GoPro, start recording.” And just like that the Hero 5 Black action camera, attached to a selfie stick an arm’s length away, this user started capturing stabilized video of  himself and the beautiful Squaw Valley mountains miles behind him.

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Later, when you get back home, plug the Hero 5 Black into power and all of the footage is automatically uploaded into the cloud with GoPro Plus, the company’s subscription service, so the footage is now accessible from  your phone, tablet and laptop.

Then, with GoPro’s Quik app for iPhone, one can create a movie montage, complete with music and effects, using the video clips and photos. And then — voila — it’s on Facebook.

The entire process of shooting, transferring, editing and sharing GoPro footage has never been easier.

Economical way to craft good quality videos

Economical way to craft good quality videos


Though this is a review for the Hero 5 Black (GoPro’s new top-tier action camera) and the Hero 5 Session (mid-tier), what  is just described is the GoPro advantage that no other competing action camera has.

Rather than just catering to the extreme sports athletes and tech nerds who are savvy enough to edit a video, the company wants to make visual content creation accessible to everyone. This includes all the people who don’t have the time or technical know-how to create a video from the footage they record with their GoPro.

It’s an ambitious plan after several missteps last year — the company had too many GoPro models that confused consumers and got the price of the Hero 4 Session wrong — but it’s the only one that will give the company legs amidst all the cheaper action-camera copycats now available.


The goal also furthers the company’s mission as a content enabler to inspire people to live a happier and more fulfilled life through the visual memories they create. Mashable

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