Gaming: Personal Computers versus Consoles in Zimbabwe

By Guide Fari

Gaming has of late gone mainstream in Zimbabwe, with some cafes and audio video spots dedicating space specifically for the game addicts.

What really remains one of the hot issues today in gaming world is the “hot” hardware to get the best of your gaming experience. PC or your Game Console, which one really rocks?
This is one argument that gamers will NEVER stop! No doubt about that.
While most of us think that the answer is very obvious (just because you’ll be using one of them), it actually isn’t..I think the choice depends on your location and what type of gamer you are. If you live in a 3rd world country, it’s easier and more beneficial to have a PC because(forgive me for what I’m about to say) access to games is a lot cheaper because of, pirating!

It’s easy to go to a vendor and get a cracked copy of a game and put it in your storage device for a very cheap price. with recent games, this means that you can’t play games online, well not a problem because internet is expensive and slow in 3rd world countries anyway.

computer gaming in zimbabwe.jpg1

For those in 1st world countries ,the prices are pretty much the same for PC and console so you can survive with either.The type of gamer u are – casual and hardcore.Casual gamers will definitely find it easier with a console because it’s basically a plug and play, and consoles are generally safer , hardly any crashing,viruses etc..

For the hardcore gamer however, PC is the way forward because u have a relationship with your device meaning you can customise it more.Graphics is obviously a big one because with PCs you get to customise a lot more graphics settings to suit the hardware you’ve got, and because you’re not a casual gamer you have to clean your machine every now and again.
Overall I say PC is the way forward for everyone because like I think, if everyone was a PC gamer, graphics would be a lot more insane 3D would be mainstream by now.

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