Galaxy S5 Designer fired !

Another one bites the dust as the quest for perfection is becoming more and more elusive. One top management from apple was fired last time for the dysfunctional apple maps app, now apparently the head of mobile design from Samsung electronics has been shown the door….

For a flagship phone the S5 did not mach the previous lure the S4 brought when it was released and that got the money angry!


Here is more from TechCrunch

Samsung Electronic’s head of mobile design, Chang Dong-hoon, has resigned following criticism about the Galaxy S5 smartphone’s lack of pulchritude.

Though the Galaxy S5′s design did not actually deviate too far from earlier models, its looks and textured plastic back were roundly lambasted by reviewers.

“I think I audibly let out a sound that was something along the lines of ‘aaaahuughhhh’ upon seeing the shimmering dimpled gold back of the Galaxy S5,” wrote Derek Kessler at Android Central, summing up many reviewers’ reaction to the device’s appearance.

Other Samsung smartphones have also been described as ugly. For example, some users felt that the Galaxy Note 3′s leather-textured plastic back was tacky. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S4′s glossy back looked and felt cheap to some, especially considering that it is one of Samsung’s pricier flagship models.

Despite their perceived lack of beauty, Samsung still managed to sell 86 million smartphones in 4Q2013, widening its lead over Apple. During that quarter, it also attained a 29.6% share of the global smartphone market, compared to Apple’s 17.6%.

But Samsung has been struggling to make a profit with its phones, thanks in part to heavy spending on marketing. In April, it also reduced the price of the Galaxy S5 in South Korea, the first time it has ever done so for a flagship phone.

Samsung said Chang will be replaced by Lee Min-hyouk, Samsung’s vice president for mobile design. Chang, who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, offered to leave the company last week, but will continue to oversee Samsung’s overall design strategy.

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