#FridayHacks: Why Your PC Goes Slower With Time

Like  wine most things get better with time, but the same is not true with your PC, unfortunately every day gets your PC down while depreciation affects every asset, in this case its not exactly  your Laptop that is depreciating but simply your software that is losing its hold and control of the hardware.

By Brianson Dzvairo

Every computer becomes slower at processing over time. Contrary to popular opinion that circuits die along the way (maybe so), there are measures that one can take to boost the processing capacity.

There are many 3rd party tools that can do all these tasks just by one click. There is a catch to using these 3rd party softwares. The result is they work for a while but they end up adding bloatware that you don’t want and more importantly don’t even need.


So the question is, how do I speed up my computer the way these softwares do without the bloatware that comes with it? Simple…well if you have a bit of background experience on using common tools such as Start Menu, Windows Explorer and so forth. Let’s get started…

Step 1

Open My Computer from either your desktop or Start Menu. Right click on the primary drive and select Properties. This is usually C drive. (Why is it C? Why not A? See Note at end of article…) the following dialog appears.

Properties Prompt

Properties Prompt

Step 2

Select Disk Cleanup and wait for the scan to complete. This may take a while (1-5minutes) depending on the capacity of the selected drive. After the scan ends, check all the items you would like to clear up. Offline pages, Temporary Files, Recycle Bin etc. Notice that there is no option to select Old installation files… To select this option, click on Cleanup system file

Cleanup Prompt

Cleanup Prompt

Wait for the scan to complete and then select Windows files that you want to delete. Note: To clean up system files, you have to be inside an account with Administrative privileges. Once done, click OK to proceed. Confirm to delete files. This will take a while depending on the size of files being cleaned up.


Step 3

Enjoy your freshly cleaned computer. To speed it up even more, Read on How to Speed up PC by Reducing Boot Time. Leave a comment to let us know how much Boot Time you cut down.

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