#FridayHacks: How to Pay For Tollgate Fees Via Ecocash

Ecocash and the Zimbabwe National Road Administration yesterday announced a historic partnership meant to bring convenience to the driving public at the latter’s toll gates.

According to Ecocash General manager Natalie Jabangwe Morris, with Ecocash, it takes just under 15 seconds for toll gate transactions to be processed for a driver to pass through.

Lets assume you are part of the large family of Ecocash subscribers with money in your Ecocash Wallet, here is how to pay your tollgate fee.

Zinara Tollgate

1.   Go to the Pay Toll Gates Option under Common payments

2.   Register your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) – Maximum 5 vehicles can be registered

3.   You will be asked to enter your EcoCash PIN to validate the VRN entered

4.   Go to Load Tollgate Acc (This can only be done if you have a vehicle registration number linked to your Tollgate Account)

5.   Enter the amount to be loaded onto your Tollgate account (Please be extra careful to enter the correct amount as reversals are not instant)

6.   You will be asked to enter your EcoCash PIN to validate the amount entered

7.   After this you are good to go

8.   Once you get to a toll gate, all you need to advise the ZINARA Teller is that you are paying using EcoCash and you will be asked for the mobile number that your vehicle is linked to

9.   Amount is deducted automatically from your tollgate account.

10.   If your account is not funded you are not able to pay. Fund the account first.

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