#FridayHacks How to Reduce Boot Time (Increase Processing Speed)

Have you ever noticed that of late your computer has started taking longer before it boots into your operating system, in this case it will be windows OS.

Back then, you just used to switch it on and in under 10 seconds you will be writing your assignment or watching the new movie you just got. Now it takes forever , as your PC Goes slower with time and you have to go get a cup of tea while you wait for it. This sucks and I can sympathize.


So in this article I will be showing you how to get your computer back to its golden era. The time when using it was a breeze and not a source of stress. Let’s get started.


Step 1

Press win + R to launch the run Prompt.

Run Prompt

Run Prompt

Type in “msconfig” and press enter/ click ok.


Step 2

Select the “StartUp” tab from the dialog that comes up. Start checking off non-essential start up programs. Common non-essential start-up programs include adobe updater. From Windows 8.1 through to Windows 10, you can see the start-up impact of that particular program.

Startup Prompt

Startup Prompt

When done, click Apply to save your changes.


Step 3

Select the “Services” tab to disable non-essential services. Note: these services can be started from the associated programs when they are needed. Before checking off the services, select “Hide All Microsoft Services” to avoid disabling critical services key to the smooth operation of your OS. Now you ‘may begin checking off the services you do not need. When done, click ok. You may choose to restart your computer after this or exit without restart, to continue using your computer.

reduce boot time

Services Prompt

Step 4

Now you can enjoy your computer with its improved boot time. There are 3rd party softwares such as IOBITt’s Advanced System Care that can do this quite simply. They provide statistical measures to measure how much your boot time has improved. The only drawback about these 3rd party solutions is that they come packaged with bloatware for advertising.


Hope you found this article helpful. Leave a comment below if you have been helped or if it did not work for you. This can be done regularly as maintenance for your computer.

#FridayHacks: Why Your PC Goes Slower With Time

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