#FridayHacks: How To Fix Your Windows Sound Problem

There are few things in this technological word that are more frustrating on a Windows computer than losing audio. it definitely feels as if are are operating a machine without life or a patient not responding to the CPR system.

There are a bunch of different factors that could be causing your loss of sound, from hardware to software. And it is important to identify the real reason why the sound system is not responding to what ever comment you would have given.

After checking all of your physical connections, you can use the built-in troubleshooting tools to try to track down the problem. If the troubleshooting utility fails, you can manually install new drivers for your audio hardware.

Several ways to sort out the sound problems you might be facing at any given time are there, below is one of the ways you might use.

If you don’t have a sound icon, then your sound drivers are likely not installed correctly.and there will be need for you to reinstall the drivers using your windows disk. you can further go on to Inspect the speaker or headphone connection to the computer. A bad connection is one of the most common causes of no sound, and is also one of the easiest to fix. Make sure that your speakers or headphones are plugged in completely, and that the cables and connectors aren’t damaged

Ensure that your speakers are connected to the right port. Make sure that your speakers are plugged into the correct port on the back of your computer. The green port is most commonly used for external speakers, while the orange and black ports are used for surround sound systems and subwoofers. The pink port is for microphones and please do not plug in your speakers there ..

Make sure your speakers are powered and turned on. Many speakers require a power connection, and may need to be turned on in order to work. Check the volume controls on the speakers as well to make sure that they’re turned up enough to hear

Reconnect your HDMI cable as they might not be properly connected limiting your sound. A common problem for HDMI users is that no sound comes out of the speakers that the HDMI cable is connected to. A simple fix for this is to unplug and then replug the HDMI cable, which should switch the default playback device to the HDMI device.

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