#FridayHacks: How To Download YouTube Videos On Android Device.

Downloading Youtube videos on an Android phone can be hectic. We are all used to playing the videos on the Youtube application on phones.

With the massive number of people using Android devices in Zimbabwe and across the globe, the worry is how can they they seamlessly download Youtube videos. Perfect for streaming YouTube videos, there are times whn one wants the videos stored onto the device thereby needing applications like TubeMate.

BY David Zvina

The steps illustrated below will explain how you as an individual can download YouTube videos on your android device for viewing at your own time

in this instance the most popular app is Tube-mate. Installation of apps not found on the marketplace is not allowed by default ,so you will have to access your Settings option on your device click > Security and choose the option to allow installation from unknown sources.

Once TubeMate has been successfully installed, simply start the app. Now, users are presented with the YouTube screen of popular videos and can navigate, or search, for their desired video to download.

Upon finding an adequate video, click the green arrow button to be presented with downloading options.

Different video formats and sizes can be chosen. An MP3 file type is also available to allow the video to be played as audio only. Once chosen, the video will begin to download.
When a download has been completed, the video file will be able to be found within the “Videos” folder in the user’s gallery.
Click on the downloaded video in the folder and begin watching the video offline.HowtoTech

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