#FridayHacks: How To Convert Word Document To Power Point Document

Many busy professionals  as well as academic students face the toll task of creating reports on Microsoft Office Word and then developing PowerPoint presentations from which they communicate the main points in their Word-based reports.

Unfortunately, most view this as two independent tasks  1) writing the report in Word and 2) building the PowerPoint presentation.

By David Zvina

However,   one major highlight  that should be always remembered as we undertake  at the back of our mind is that, you can easily convert your Word document into a PowerPoint presentation, in a limited amount of time substantially reducing the amount of time that it takes to build your presentation.

Bill Gates and Stive Jobs illustrating examples using power point presentation

Before you can convert your Word document to a PowerPoint presentation, you must ensure that you format it properly in Word. This means that you should use Word’s Styles feature to format the document.

With your Word document properly formatted, you  can now use Word’s Send to Microsoft PowerPoint feature to create your presentation based on the styles in the document.

Note that you will need to customize either your Quick Access Toolbar or your Ribbon in Word to access the Send to Microsoft PowerPoint feature.

When you send the Word document to PowerPoint, all of the text that you have formatted using the Heading 1 style becomes the header of a new slide. All Heading 2 text becomes bullet points under its respective Heading 1 style.

Likewise, all Heading 3 text becomes bullet points under its respective Heading 2 styles. Further, once you have created the presentation in PowerPoint, you can modify the document Theme, add Animations and Transitions, edit the text, and further refine the presentation to meet your specific needs and the specific task at  hand.

always remember that Word and PowerPoint offer extreme amounts of integration that allow you speed and simplify the process of creating presentations.

However, before you can take advantage of these features, you must ensure that you format the Word document using Word’s Styles feature. Once you do so, creating the PowerPoint presentation is just a mouse-click away.

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