#FridayHacks: How to Access Files from Another User Account

A lot of times Zimbabweans fail to access their files from another account on Windows compatible computers or laptops.

For some reason, people create multiple accounts on their computers, probably to keep divert other users from using theirs. This could be a way of protecting personal files in the account.

Let’s assume in a company, two or more people share one PC with the IT administrator having set up multiple accounts.

It so happened that yesterday at a certain company I visited (name withheld)I arrived seeing one User A playing his music. The music was coming from the main account but they share one desktop PC . His friend User B wanted to access a certain software used to flash phones from another account he created.

So User B finished with his account but forgot to return to the main account.

User A struggled returning to the main account to play his music till he eventually gave up.

So here is how to return to the Main Account on Windows compatible computers.

  1. Click on the Start Button

  1. Start Button and File Explorer

Go to Local Disk (C

Go to Users

User Accounts

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