(April Fools Day) Free Phone Calls On All Networks From 1-2PM Today!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

In an unusually early Easter present, we have received a directive  from Potraz that Econet, Netone ,Telecel, Telone  and Africom will today during lunch hour be flying on a zero billing system from 1pm to 2pm, officially dubbed “Happy Hour”

A memo from Potraz was actually signed and confirmed by all the country`s  mobile and fixed operators as they join the world to commemorate World Telecommunication Day.

1 april

The free lunch hour zone may also see Internet Service Providers following suit, but according to Potraz, they were still to get the  document signed by all the country`s 13 service providers.

If the document is signed, Zimbabweans will see  Free, unlimited internet access for the three hours a first of  its kind in Zimbabwe.

When we contacted mobile operators, they said they are completely in agreement to switch of billing system as they also give back to the community.

We are headed for exciting times and we wait and see  how this will turn out!  Will our networks support the mass congestion as subscribers are set to jostle for the Happy Hour.



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