Former NetOne Boss Kangai Faces Fresh Charges


Reward Kangai is facing over 20 counts of criminal abuse of office and is yet to stand trial following allegations of intentionally showing favour to friends and relatives during his tenure as NetOne CEO.

The Former NetOne Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kangai has been battling a bitter war with Minister Supamandiwanzira and will be charged with fresh charges very soon.

A few days ago, Harare magistrate Mrs Rumbidzai Mugwagwa dismissed the former NetOne Chief’s application for refusal of further remand citing the need for more time in concluding investigations.

The State represented by Miss Ropafadzo Botch initially sought further postponement from the Magistrate on the basis that there is a lot of extra- territorial investigations to be conducted and the law enforcement agents will soon pick him up for more charges.

“The state is conducting extra-territorial investigations and there are more charges against the accused emanating from the investigations and as such the state is requesting for ample time to finalise investigations,” she said.

Kangai through his lawyer, Mr Nyasha Munetsi, maintained his innocence applying to be removed from remand and requesting his travel document until the next remand date.

Kangai also complained that the state was dragging its case because there is no evidence linking him to the alleged offences, insisting they are trumped up charges.

However, magistrate Mugwagwa dismissed his application saying the state should be given more time as their reasons were valid.

Kangai is facing 21 counts of criminal abuse of duty after he allegedly favoured his friends and relatives with contracts for base station construction during his time in office.

He is denying the allegations arguing that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is making him a sacrificial lamb while sitting on corruption allegations against the ICT Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira.

When he initially appeared in court, he insisted that his former employer concealed relevant documents which could have been helpful in his case.

According to court papers, Kangai awarded contracts for base stations to a company called Bopela.

It is alleged that sometime in 2014, Kangai corruptly sanctioned payment of base station rentals in advance to four landlords who are alleged to be his relatives without authorisation and approval of the board.

He allegedly showed favour to the Bopela family and paid them $10,500 in advance covering a period of 21 months.

The state alleges that he also paid $33,000 to Richwood Sports Club covering a period of five years and $27,000 to Avondale Christian Church covering a period of three months.

Kangai also allegedly approved a loan of $80,000 to Bopela Group Pvt Ltd without approval of board.

Another seven companies also benefited after he handpicked them on various projects, it is alleged.

His case was remanded to November 21.
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