Form One Enrollment Electronic Platform Running


The electronic platform for Form One enrollment run by the Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education has opened today and will be operational until 31 December 2019, the Ministry of information has said.

Parents and guardians who wish to send their children to boarding schools have been advised to apply on http://www.emap.co.zw/Form1Enrol/index.php .

This, however, has attracted mixed feelings over social media as people have complained about how the system is always a disadvantage to those students in rural areas.

Currently, the internet penetration in Zimbabwe is 57.2% an indication that a significant number of the populace is still not connected, and this will pose as a disadvantage to the areas where there is no or limited access.

The online recruitment was introduced in 2016 by the Education Minister Lazarus Dokora as part of a raft of measures to fight corruption. The system was implemented poorly and the decision for all parents to register online was rushed to such an extent that it caused so much confusion and instead of curbing corruption the result was the opposite.

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