#OpinionAndAnalysis: Epoxy Flooring Technology might reduce Zimbabwe's house break-ins

The digital era has brought about tons of inventions with the building sector tagging along as well. In Zimbabwe farmers would put a scarecrow in the middle of the field so as to create an illusion. It is also believed that even in urban areas, people would consult Sangomas for juju to scare away robbers with illusions that they may see river or stream inside the house whenever they break in.

But check these illusions can now be created using Epoxy Floor Coating designs giving an aesthetic appeal to the floor giving your home a different look and appeal.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

While this designs have not yet reached Zimbabwe,   they are already making waves in European countries. Floors are usually something to which we don’t pay much attention unless something is wrong with them and yet they are an essential part of workday productivity and safety.

You may want to consider an alternative flooring option for your business and its potential impact. One of these options is epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardener that when combined together chemically react to form a rigid plastic-like material. It resists degradation and bonds well to substrate materials.

Epoxy flooring is often used as a coating over concrete floors which are rough, porous, and anti-shock resistant. Epoxy withstands rugged wear and tear in industrial settings. It is slip-resistant, which is ideal for commercial uses.



Some homes and business places which have other different types of floors may actually be worn out in a very short period of time. Say if one has a water leak in a carpeted house the water might cause the carpets to stink,rot or pill off and this would not be the case with epoxy.

Epoxy floors in a residential setting are some of the most beautiful floors you will ever see. From the vast array of colors to the combinations of colors, having an epoxy floor in your home can show just how unique you really are.


For places like restaurants or schools where there is constant moving of furniture the installer can add on an anti scratch coat.

The durability of epoxy is an asset but especially with the versatility of various colors and patterns which make it the perfect commercial and retail flooring material. Shopping centers, hotels, and offices have foot traffic that requires wear-resistant flooring. Imagine what epoxy floors would do to a place like Chicken Inn or Chicken slice.

Because of machinery, foot traffic, and spill and stain potential, the only realistic industrial flooring options are concrete or epoxy. Concrete is hard, slippery, bland looking, stains easily, absorbs moisture, and is porous. Epoxy is the exact opposite of all those things.

Epoxy bonds to the concrete, filling gaps and creating a smooth, moisture resistant surface. An epoxy floor can easily be wiped clean of oil and fluid spills with no risk of staining. So an epoxy floor is the way to go because we all dread the grease and oil stains in the garage.

So Zimbabwe get ready to embrace the tech and start flooring the epoxy.




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