FloCash "The African Pay-Pal" Roosts In Zimbabwe


FloCash, a leading Pan African provider of electronic payment services, has started offering its online merchant processing service in Zimbabwe, commencing 1st February 2014

With Africa’s economy beginning to thrive and catch-up with the rest of the world in terms of innovation, connectivity and technology, FloCash is leading the way in driving Pan African commerce by enabling online merchants to accept local and alternative payment methods.

The firm, which offers payment services in several other African countries, will enable online merchants in Zimbabwe to accept local mobile and card payment methods.  “We are excited about the opportunity to extend our award winning technology and offerings to online merchants in Zimbabwe.” Said Sirak Mussie, FloCash’s Managing Director. “We have setup a local office in Zimbabwe and anticipate it to be a major asset to our business as we develop our local presence in the region.”

flowCash sing upThe introduction of the FloCash service in Zimbabwe is a breakthrough development for merchants that want to expand their trading online. This means that buyers who visit the websites of FloCash-enabled merchants can buy goods and pay for services online from the comfort of their homes.

FloCash will start by processing all major prepaid credit and debit cards. This will enable Zimbabwean e-commerce players to widen their market to sell to anybody across the world. In future, FloCash will process other local payment methods to bring online convenience to Zimbabweans.

Flocash Fact Sheet

  • Flocash is an award-winning online payment gateway that:
    • Allows merchants/internet sellers to accept secure online payments from buyers,
    • Allows buyers to pay for services online in a safe and secure way.
    • Allows peer to peer global fund transfers that enable senders in other markets such as the Americas, Europe and Asia to remit funds online to recipients in Africa.
  • Merchants that want to accept payments via Flocash are required to register on the Flocash website www.flocash.com. They will be required to submit documentation such as:
    • Identity documents for small operators
    • Company registration certificates
  • Any merchant that wants to accept payment online must integrate the Flocash payment gateway to their website. Flocash provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to all registered merchants. Flocash’s API is publicly available and is easy to use.
  • Every merchant provides Flocash with their bank account details to which payments processes by Flocash are transferred.
  • Flocash is designed to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). The standards are a framework of specifications, tools, measurements and support resources to help gateways to ensure the safe handling of cardholder information and enhance payment card data security for online transactions.
  • FloCash can process major credit/prepaid/debit cards as well as over 200 local payment networks in several countries.
  • Flocash is simple to use, thereby taking the complexity out of setting up an online store, processing and settling payments and fulfilling orders. FloCash merchants get a single account that will allow them to collect payments from both local and International customers through a single technical integration. Our merchant support program offers invaluable benefits and enables our merchants to setup their shops and trade online.
  • Flocash provides settlement in over 19 African currencies.
  • Flocash is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.
  • Flocash’s price for services ranges between1.8% to 3.1%. The actual rate is assessed on a merchant by merchant basis.
  • Flocash has won a number of awards, including the Nokia Global Economic Challenge Fund Award in which FloCash Ltd, was among the global top 10 mobile technology companies in Nokia’s Global Economic Challenge Fund awards that took place in London. The awards celebrate industry excellence in mobile technology services. There were over 8,000 contestants vying for the top 10 slots.
  • In August 2010, Flocash was selected as one of the top 10 African Technology start-ups by European micro-fund SeedCamp in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Flocash in 2011 won the Global Mobile Money Awards. FloCash was nominated as the best International Payment Program at the Global Mobile Money Awards 2011 held in Dubai. The awards recognize the most innovative and appealing cross border payment services.
  • Flocash was named as number four amongst the top ten technology start-ups in Africa by Forbes Magazine in February 2012. Forbes, is a leading Internet media company providing business information services and lifestyle editorial content.





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