First Capital Bank (Barclays) Finally Linking To Ecocash

There is so much relief to Barclays bank customers now First Capital as the bank begins integrating Ecocash to its menu.

The system however accessible via *229# is not yet connecting to Ecocash and instantly responding with an error message, prompting the user to visit the bank.

Barclays bank customers were only able to move money from their bank account to Ecocash via swipe into Ecocash, a service which is largely flawed and painstacking.

The Ecocash Swipe Into Ecocash required First Capital bank customers to actually locate an agent with a swipe machine, incur the bank charges to swipe and the ecocash charges of the swipe into ecocash service, which ultimately was costly.

First Capital bank customers are excited and looking out for this development and hopefully, this move will be activated urgently for them and help them through transacting at lower costs.

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