Finally, The Herald Online Wins against Zimpapers


Today marks a major victory for local online content, as the Herald finally gets its full access to the internet , a move that had been facing major resistance from the traditional printing company, which used to greatly perceive technology as threat to its viability.
Finally, Zimbabwe Newspapers has given in to the online demands as they make probably the most contentious decision ever, to offer a complimentary full Herald version with adverts and picturers online for a paltry $10 a month.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
By simply visiting, you can now get full access to the newspapers and there is a free subscription for a week for simply registering.
News has it that its not just the herald but all the publications going digital, and YES! Finally we may see the resurrection of the H-metro back on the main stream.
No doubt, this is real news in the streets, most Zimbabweans have been awaiting this service since a long time now and finally the online world at Zimpapers scores victory.
Few years ago, the same thing was once tried but it never saw the dawn of the day as it was swiftly terminated.
Newspapers have been on record to blame plummeting sales to the complimentary websites, which at any time of the day have quadrupled the number of visitors to actual hard copy sales.
Zimpapers online
For Zimpapers, this has been a major issue, which at one point saw the Herald website only showing a few stories by mid day as they desperately tried to keep the traffic to the hard copy while millions preferred to get it for free at a click of a button.
Zimpapers gets an average of 100 000 visits plus or minus 30 000 unique visits every day and millions of hits per day.
The math, should have won the titan battle here, Zimpapers has a new capacity of cashing hundreds of thousand dollars from google adverts alone, plus online banner adverts, forcing traffic against an average 40 000 copies printed will limit this gold mine and, yes it no longer makes sense for the Herald to compromise under such conditions.
Zimpapers chief technology officer Mr Darlick Marandure told stakeholders who attended the breakfast meeting to mark the launch of the digital platform that Zimpapers is positioning itself to meet the demands of the changing marketing environment.
“Zimpapers is positioning itself to fully exploit opportunities that had been created by the migration of readers to the digital platforms and forthcoming movement from analogue to digital media platforms, which are going to open space for greater participation.
“The group is vigorously implementing strategies to consolidate its grip on the newspaper, broadcasting and commercial printing markets,” said Mr Marandure.
The Herald also confirmed that “Zimpapers has also introduced online video content after the group unveiled what is called digital television platforms while it is also working on coming up with a television station.”
In such a scenario, the major question is would you still buy the physical copy, or rather pay online with your visa card or mobile money then voila, you have the full copy.
What do you think this means for the future of the hard copy newspapers.

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