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Finally Telecel Is Back Full Swing

The  big  question however still remains, if Telecel Zimbabwe  recorded  active  mobile subscribers,  what were  these subscribers  really actively  doing because  there is not any recorded  growth  anywhere  else except on subscribers.

It took a long time coming, but now they are here! Telecel Zimbabwe is finally out of the doldrums, as they have restored network to full service, allowing their customers once more again to use data and calling services.

According to continuous tests done by TechnoMag, Telecel Network has been running stable since 16:00hrs and by the time of publishing, the network has been swift fast, and very  stable.

By Toneo T Rutsito

Telecel Zimbabwe has been battling connectivity issues in the past weeks with the past days seeing a complete downtime, where subscribers were not even able to make phone calls, send SMS or access data.

The Telecel Zimbabwe CEO Mr Angeline Vere told TechnoMag that all efforts were being put in place to return to normalcy  as the network maintenance and upgrades service  was completed.

In a tweet, Telecel Zimbabwe also confirmed that there were now all systems up, re assuring their subscribers.

The mobile network is greatly suffering from lack of investment and recapitalization as their shareholders have  all but ignored the company to make it self sustainable operating with out investment.

The Government of Zimbabwe bought the largest share holding stake in the company  after a fierce fight with Vimplecom, threating them with closure, forcing the investor to pack up and go, selling the stake at a song, but since then , the government has not shown any plans to reinvest or drive the asset.

Telecel  Zimbabwe has become a case of the hot girl in the neighbourhood, who is finally taken by the strongest man, only to be impregnated, dumped in the rural areas and never looked back on.

In its hey days, Telecel Zimbabwe was the country’s fastest growing mobile network and 2nd largest, with the best competent packages and great network experience.

They have a serious challenges to invest in 4g base station technology, network support equipment so that they play catch up with competition, which is already on national over drive to recapitalize.


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