Finally Netone`s One Wallet Warms up to Competition.

Imagine its after hours or for some reason your ZESA prepaid units are flashing red lights and you are forced to go out there and queue to a certain centre in your neighbourhood if at all the centre is available  and that’s if you are  also fortunate enough to be there before they close.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

You would curse the availability of technology while it has failed to provide convenience at ease and make life easier especially with a cashless society  and mobile money services already at our disposal, its retrogressive to say the least.

There is nothing wrong with simply dialing on your phone and voila! You Zesa  prepaid is topped up!

Let me quote Jeremy  Cioara,” Technology for the sake of technology is useless!”, especially when it fails to solve our daily problems.

Is it  just  me or  it’s a reality that Netone somehow seems to have  relegated itself into  a comfort zone where it does not even bother to open any real Value Added Service (VAS) as far as the  mobile money transfer services are concerned?

Im a Netone, subscriber, I have the line but I have never transacted or rather been inspired to make any transaction using their “secured” One Wallet services.

In a world with hot  on the heels  competition, creativity becomes the mother of necessity. Finally it looks like the team at Netone  is making inroads to offer so much more value from their mobile  money payment service.

I was impressed by a statement from the state owned enterprise that they are now working in conjunction with ZETDC, (ZESA section) to offer mobile money payment to buy prepaid ZESA units.

In another Netone`s comeback strategy   they said that “ Netone inconjuction with  ZETDC would like to announce that you can now buy ZESA prepaid units using your  Netone mobile line which should be registered on One Wallet,  ……if you are not yet on Netone  buy your Netone line and register  on One  wallet or  call 123 for call centre support….”  Read part of the statement.

For those already on Netone, this  is a major convenience added to them and probably another reason to crossover. By simply dialling the Netone USSD  *120*8#  one opens up the full menu and follows instruction.

When technology is brought forward to solve our problems it begins to make sense and thumbs up to Netone, we are hopeful that this marks a dawn of much more services that change and impacts our lives via technology.

Netone  is popular for currently offering   the most affordable rates on their dollar per day promotion  beating its competitiors.

Nicole Madziwa

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