FBC Introduces InstaSwipe Payment System


By Perseverance Tavagwisa

One of Zimbabwe’s premium bank has developed a duty payment system that provides a safe and convenient way to flexibly process your ZIMRA payments.

Talk about innovation and hassle free transactions, Yes! FBC has finally done it!


That means if you cross the borders often, either as a trader or on any other business that requires movement of goods; you can now simply swipe your debit or credit card at any duty payment or tax remittance point in Zimbabwe using FBC Point Of Sale Terminals, regardless of which bank you are with.

With the InstaSwipe system one can now make the duty payment process less stressful as ZIMSWITCH and MASTERCARD are already accepted. The advanced InstaSwipe system also  incorporates online payment receipts and an SMS alert confirmation.

The system bring peace of mind as the horror of carrying hordes of cash to settle Zimra is just substituted by a simply swipe! No more fear of the cash getting stolen before one settles the bill as all transactions are done paperless!


The breakthrough also gives travellers more time  as the hassle of counting cash is done with. All one needs to do is to punch the required amount (as in an ATM) and you are good to go. For  further details one can visit any FBC branch nationwide and get assistance in how the system works.

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