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FBC Holdings unleashes new service for diasporas


The FBC Holdings on Friday announced what it called a first of its kind foreign currency savings account to help the diaspora towards building their dream home and projects.

The new Diaspora Dream Saver Account Is a Nostro savings account that gives you access to affordable home property mortgages at the most competitive rates through the banks building society.

One can easily make local payments to service providers from abroad with 100% control of their accounts and funds.

The new service provides an alternative for the diaspora other than having to trust someone with your money and making purchases. With a dream saver account, you are likely to incur fewer costs.

Other benefits:

  • It’s a Low-Cost Account.
  • No monthly service fees
  • Value Preservation
  • Collateral Security- The account can be used as a security
  • Flexible access to funds whilst in Zimbabwe
Crucial Kuwanga

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