Fake iPhone 6 Hit The Market


Chinese imitators are at it again with the technological imitations that are disheartening and interesting. Firstly it was Dr Dre filing a law suit on Chinese websites that sell fake Beats by Dre products and it doesn’t end there. News has just surfaced that China is now retailing a new imitation of the iPhone 6 which awaits to be launched in the United States .

Reports say the iPhone6 knock-off is a prototype of footage which surface on possibilities of what the iPhone 6 would look like, despite the fact that the phone is so fake the price from the retailers are so attractive going for $74 compared to the $700 upwards speculation for the original one.
By Marshal Saonga

One of the most reliable sources of Apples information Sonny Dickson once tweeted “there would be 200 officers trying to catch those who dare selling the iPhone 6”, I guess they need to revisit this strategy and increase the number of officers websites and retailers selling the fake iPhone 6 are raping the worthiness of the original brand.

FAKE iPhone6

One might blame the websites that offer speculations on features of the iPhone 6, pointing out that it makes the Chinese imitators get credit from creating the product with the exact specs form from popular speculators. But then I disagree because I see it as a product campaign on behalf of iPhone, so no pointing fingers to bloggers and tech media representatives. The main goal should be prosecuting such organizations which manufacture products that infringe patents of Apple products.

The clones have a 4.7 inch screen which the iPhone would have, a finger print recognition software and the operating system has a homepage that looks like an iOS but on actual basis it uses Android. All this is a true disappointment to those who worked tirelessly at Apple but and a lesson to Samsung too, let’s all wait and see what will happen next after this offensive move by Chinese retailers.

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