Beats by Dre loses 135 Billion from Counterfeits


The beats by Dre headphone craze has hit the world. We now see them everywhere, yes everywhere, even in Zimbabwe! The “Beats By Dre” headphones are now available, unfortunately many of them are nothing but just counterfeits, but at least their price tag sell them out but not the world over.

After the acquisition of Beats by Dre by Apple for a staggering 3 billion dollars, it seems the man behind the product Dr Dre, wasn’t satisfied with all the hundreds of millions he made. News got in that Beats by Dre one of the leading headphone companies in the world is making a lawsuit against Chinese firms that are selling counterfeit Beats by Dre headphones.

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Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovinne

It is reported that there are various online platforms that are selling counterfeit Beats products through various websites in China. The reported websites and companies have reportedly racked in $135 billion worth of revenue since they started trading. This is clearly evident that the products which were being sold stood to be a success and a competition to the original Beats by Dre product.
Alas there are just imitation!
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There are various small shops that sell knock-off Beats headphones in China town, United States, these outlets sell knock-off Beats with a small red “d” instead of the original brand with a “b”. Luckily Zimbabwe was not spotted by the Apple team because the number of Beats by Dre counterfeits which are sold nationwide in the shops and street corners are going $2-3. This might average more than 100000 pairs bought, that is at least 300000 lost in revenue from counterfeit products exported to Zimbabwe from China.

Beats Company wants to stop all the trade that is being done by the unlicensed companies selling beats by Dre products, on top of that Beats by Dre wants to take over all the profits and sales that were made by the Chinese company.

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