Facebook’s $19billion Offer To Whatsapp Ranged Fourth

Recently we published a story when Facebook break the bank and went on to acquire the then competitor Whatsapp for a mouth-watering fee of $19 billion and we were all shocked and thought Waal that’s the biggest ever acquisition bid in 2014 little did we know that there were more and shocking acquisition bids in the same period, to size it up, Facebook’s offer to Whatsapp was only the fourth biggest acquisition bid in 2014, hold on, I know your adrenalin has been affected and obviously you would love  to know who the silent huge spenders are, together with their acquisition bids

By Tongai Mwenj.

What comes into your mind when you hear about Facebook? Is it the number that comes with the users of the popular social networking platform? Is it the popularity that comes with the co-founder Mark Zuckerberg? Is it the $19 Billion offer to Whatsapp?If so then how do you rate the deal?If you think Facebook’s $19 Billion WhatsApp acquisition was huge, think again. It turns out that Facebook’s offer was ONLY the fourth biggest acquisition bid in 2014.

Is it true that strategic acquisitions can make or break a company or it can change the world?  According to a research that was conducted recently a total global volume of $756 Billion was spent on tech company acquisitions in 2014, Waal! If this doesn’t shock you then nothing else will, this shows where the future business lies, like I said before, Facebook’s offer to Whatsapp was only the fourth biggest acquisition bid in 2014 though it also spent an extra $2 billion in acquiring Oculus.

On third position is Actavis Company which spent a total of $25 billion to acquire Forest Laboratories Inc. Actavis was then beaten by Charter which spent a whopping $37 billion to Time Warner Cable. It was Time Warner Cable that attracted huge investment in 2014 when Comcast spent $45 billion to acquire the cable company. Some of us are not familiar with these companies and might want to know who those are; the following brief profile will give you an insight about the big 3.

1. Comcast

Commerce plus broadcasting equals Comcast. The company’s core cable division is the largest pay-TV provider in the US  with more than 22 million video subscribers. Comcast derives the bulk of its revenue from its cable services offered in 39 states and the District of Columbia. It has about 18 million broadband Internet subscribers, while its XFINITY computer telephony service has more than 9 million customers. Comcast also has cable programming interests, such as E!, G4, and The Golf Channel, and sells time to advertisers. In early 2014, Comcast moved to buy Time Warner Cable for some $45 billion in stock.

2. Charter 

Charter Communications navigates the waters of US cable services. The cable system operator has about 6 million mostly-residential subscribers in more than two dozen states, making it one of the top national cable companies, behind Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox Communications. In addition to some 4 million video customers (nearly 90% opting for digital service), Charter also boasts nearly 4 million broadband Internet subscribers and about 2 million computer telephony users. Its Charter Business offering provides Internet access, data networking, phone, and wireless backhaul services to commercial clients. In addition, Charter sells local advertising on such cable networks as MTV, CNN, and ESPN 

3. Actavis

Actavis plc (NYSE: ACT) is a global, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing generic, brand and biosimilar products.

The Company has global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and Administrative Headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey,USA.

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