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Facebook Users can now claim image ownership

Online social media and social networking service provider, Facebook, has hinted that users of its platform will very soon be able to claim and request takedowns of their images in the event of abuse.

This has been done by building Rights Manager for Images, a tool that gives creators the ability to track and moderate where their images appear across Facebook and Instagram.

To begin, Facebook is testing the new Rights Manager with select partners. 

Facebook is offering creators and publishers access to content matching technology similar to what it introduced in 2016 to combat stolen videos.

To access Rights Manager, Page admins can submit an application for content they’ve created and want to protect. Rights Manager will find matching content on Facebook and Instagram. Settings can be adjusted to match things like ownership that should apply worldwide or only in certain locations. 

What is Rights Manager?

A powerful, highly customizable tool, Rights Manager lives within Facebook’s Creator Studio platform. It’s built for people who want to control when, how, and where their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram.

From creators who post their own unique content to publishing houses that don’t post to Facebook at all, Rights Manager can be customized to meet business goals of any size.

How Does Rights Manager Work?

To get started, you’ll add content you’ve created and want to protect into a reference library. Rights Manager will take it from there, finding any content on Facebook and Instagram that matches yours. You can also adjust the match settings to specify such things as if your ownership should apply worldwide or only in certain locations.

When your content is detected on a Page or profile, you can choose from one of the available actions that works best for you. This can include monitoring the content, blocking it or attributing credit via an ownership link. You can even add trusted partners and properties to protect them from matching your reference filesFacebook revealed 

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