Facebook on the verge of announcing HTC smartphone?


Rumors of a Facebook phone have been flying
around for years. But has the time come for that
chatter to become reality? Word has it that the social network may be
making the big announcement at an upcoming
press event next week. Facebook sent out invites today asking members of the media to “Come See Our New Home on Android” on April
4. If history is any gauge, Facebook
announcements with invites like this tend to be
grand in scope, such as Graph Search and the News Feed redesign. Facebook has reportedly been working on an
advertising campaign with HTC the past few
weeks, according to 9to5Google. This seems to indicate that the social network may be
partnering with HTC to possibly design the
hardware of a smartphone. People familiar with the matter told 9to5Google
that the ads focus on the device’s potential
users, rather than specific hardware or software.
Apparently, a catch phrase for the possible
smartphone is “more than just an app.” According to TechCrunch, sources familiar with the matter have said that the social network
plans to debut an HTC smartphone that runs a
modified version of Android’s OS and uses built-
in native Facebook functionality. A device like
this would most likely rely on Facebook’s apps,
such as Messenger, and let users easily share from other apps. Earlier this month, freshly leaked details for an upcoming HTC Myst seemed to be in line with such Facebook phone rumors. Hardware details
for the device apparently include a 1.5GHz dual-
core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, and
16GB of internal storage. Additionally, the
handset could feature a 4.3-inch display,
touchscreen, a 5-megapixel rear camera, and a 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera. In 2011, HTC unveiled two “Facebook phones” that featured dedicated buttons for easy access
to the social networking site. The HTC ChaCha
and the HTC Salsa each had a Facebook button
on the bottom, which when pressed let users
update their status, upload photos, check into
places, share news articles, and more. However, both of these phones seem to have flopped. Despite the rumor mill running amuck for the
umpteenth time regarding a Facebook phone, all
chatter is still speculation at this point. The
smartphone market is tough to crack and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has continually
denied that he is getting into the phone
business. Who knows, it’s possible that the
upcoming press event could just be about
enhanced app features on Android. CNET contacted Facebook for comment. We’ll
update the story when we get more information.


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