Facebook Introduces Evil Genius with Anonymous Login

[headlines headline=”h3″]Facebook has introduced what I can personally call genius evil, this is the next big move that Facebook has made to try and win back confidence on their platform in as much as privacy is concerned.[/headlines]

[highlight]Recently,  Facebook during their F8 Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is improving the way Facebook apps handles access permissions by anonymously logging in.[/highlight]

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Hold on! This by no means does not mean you can now anonymously log in, Infact It only means you can now use your Facebook account to log-in to other sites and apps anonymously.

By so doing the move will make Facebook the master key password to login to any web based platform or third based app.

We all hate signing up every time we discover a new website, service or app. Most of these apps request that you at least sign up, register or simply log in with your Facebook account  to access a service. This has forced many people to simply sign up using their facebook account.

sign up options

The obvious danger of making such a move is that chances you will also “allow” the third party app to access your information and post on your behalf, instead of simply skipping this process, hence giving away to much right to an unknown third party application to your Facebook account.

Besides that most these apps turn to have a following tendency, they will follow your online tendency and sell your actitivity to the “Big Data” companies and use your history thereafter as a marketing target, to try and show you more of related previous search, virtually keeping you in a loop.

What`s the worst, some of these apps will not even install should you opt for the skip button and refuse the third-party app post to Facebook for you , that’s if you are unusually careful to even tick the check box.


By introducing the anonymous option, Facebook is simply saying hey , you do not need to give those third party applications your login information, profile or name. Simply go ahead without identifying who you are to them.

This however can be only achieved if you are first logged  on with your actual Facebook account for the option to execute.

Ironically Facebook has seen it very important to protect the user from all these third party apps, by blocking your user credential from them while it still demands that you give your information.

It admits its not a safe world out there to keep giving out information, yet it still demands yours. The obvious secret is personal information is big business, the more you give out relentlessly, the better  it is for them.

allow app to post on behalf

Mashable reports “This was a sales pitch. I spent a good deal of the time watching it with the words “pyramid scheme” floating through my head. Developers are the mass at the bottom of the pyramid, and if they want access to the gold at the top — access to pretty much everyone who might ever buy their product — then Facebook is going to make them pay for it. It’s just good business sense.”

Wired reports ZUCKERBERG said  “Our philosophy is that we care about people first. In the case of login, some of the things that we’re doing may add a little bit of friction to the experience by giving people the opportunity to not share certain things with apps. That will mean that developers will have to adjust. Over time, making it so that people trust the blue button to log in to Facebook will ultimately be good for developers, too.”

Exciting times ahead lets see how it all rolls out


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