Facebook Going The Newspaper Way With Option "SAVE"

Facebook Users are now be able to save links, News Feed, Events, Movies, Music and every kind of notification for users to be able to view them later, the first step towards their newspaper concept it is largely believed as they launch a bookmarking feature ‘Save’ir
This Option will be available on iOS, Android and Web ,this makes it available on almost every mobile phone and laptop so all is well with everyone “no leaving out anyone in this”. Facebook users can now save their load of notifications, no more skipping information due to a loads of notifications and newsfeed, users can now save up information to a date and time where they are free to read.
How Save Option Works
Users will have an option on their top right corner on every story. The save button will be next to the like button on pages that consists on Pages of Places, Musicians, Movies and events, more like will also be available on the left side of bookmark lists and other apps on the mobile.
Users can share their saved information with others; this information can be viewed by the user and the shared persons only. The Facebook page will remind a user on the stuff that they would have stored.
This is a big innovation especially to users have a lot of activity on their Facebook accounts and users who run Facebook pages. The prioritizing of information received on your feeds, notifications and walls makes it so much easier to run through almost everything on Facebook.
Advertisements can now be increased by this move of saving information; I think Facebook saw that there was too much information being splashed on the Facebook walls of users. In my own view I think Facebook can now add more advertisements on users pages due to the creation of the save option, reason being users can store more information without complaining about too much information being sent to their page.
However this was not the case by a Facebook representative when he stated “We use the information we receive to enhance all of the services we provide, including by creating more relevant advertising for people and compelling value for marketers. Currently you cannot target ads specifically to saved content. We will explore this more in the coming months but don’t have anything more to announce right now.”
Yes off course that’s the typical Facebook response but what I know is its business to them and very soon we will have targeted ads on saved content.

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