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Facebook advocating for people's health via Preventive Health


Facebook has released a new tool aimed at connecting users to preventative health resources, reminders and finding affordable preventative healthcare.

Facebook made the announcement on Monday saying that it will let users choose to get personalised reminders about upcoming healthcare check-ups and vaccinations.

The tool is called Preventive Health and is currently available to Facebook users in the United States and it takes a user’s age nd sex from their Facebook profile and provides them with a list of recommended screenings based on those two data ponts.

If one has their primary care physician they can send you similar reminders every year.This could be a reminder to come get your pap-smear or breast screening.

Facebook’s system is similar, but more generalized, since it’s not connected to any medical records or doctors’ offices.

With Preventive Health, people can schedule a reminder for their screening, and mark when it’s complete.

If they don’t have a primary care physician, they can also look up locations for more affordable health centers, where they can talk to a provider about these screenings.

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