Facebook Acquires LiveRail for $400 Million

News just got in that Facebook, the biggest social networking company has purchased advertisement technological start up company LiveRail which is a video advertisement platform that links publishers and marketers on a world wide scale .

The networking site has a 7 billion advertisement submission from users who want to market video material on the platform. Sources say Facebook has acquired LiveRail for a staggering range between $400million and $500 million, these are not confirmed figures because Facebook has not disclosed of any information relating to them.

This acquisition marks the 6th acquired tech firm by Facebook this year of 2014 and speculations of more acquisitions are being expected to come up too. Facebook has clearly come out to be on for the hunt of any tech company which is rising and their offers when it comes to acquisitions are just so highly undeniable.

According to a Tech Crunch representative “ Facebook will invest in keeping LiveRail running and evaluating how to intermingle their data, but it plans to use data to aid LiveRail with its targeting and vice-versa”. LiveRail was operational for 7 years since it was founded and it has been very active in terms of being highly used as a link between publishers and customer through video footage marketing.
The videos are targeted to make a user to send to the right audience who will view and find it interesting enough to exploit transactional business opportunities.

The advantages of Facebook in this acquisition are clear :

• This is one of the biggest advertising platforms which is trending
• The advertising platform has a large number of videos, viewers and organizations involved in it
• Facebook will now own a big video advertising firm which is kind of a competition of Youtube.

In description Live Rail has got Real Time ad video that give the clients the best advertisements required to get to know their customer responses in which LiveRail refer to as real time insights to buyer behavior, this enables publishers to know what their customers prefer and which elements to refer to embitter their product.






There is what is called the Check Point where all the material that is being uploaded on to the platform has to be checked and verified if its fit for the users that are being targeted for example an advert on smoking and alcohol would be barred from users that are below the age of 18. This was a winning move for LiveRail and proved to prioritize viewers concerns on who watches what content


data management



Live Rail also has Data Management program which reads through the statistics on what is selling the most on their clients advertising campaigns for example in a set of 4 advertising campaigns data management gives a reporton which campaign is trending the most and which one is not.
Facebook has just got a blue chip in terms of advertisement for It can now interlink its platform with Live Rail to provide advertisements to it users in a more direct way. I await to see acquisitions by Facebook bare in mind the competition is just getting started .


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