Exclusive: Telecel Launching “Telecash” Next Week!


By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Telecel Zimbabwe will be officially launching their much anticipated mobile money transfer service next week, an official with the organisation has confirmed.


telecash While prospects of the imminent launch were hanging in balance, finally an official has disclosed to TechnoMag that the launch will be finally going through just before the year’s ends.

Members of the media fraternity will be invited for a press briefing this coming Tuesday to get more information regarding the launch of the service, though specific details were not divulged.



telecel team smileATelecel Marketing and Management head

We are not certain if they are going to be partnering another local bank, or even bringing their own in future too to avoid being caught up with wrangles associated with local banks.

One of the most interesting thing to look out to is whether or not Telecel will be interconnecting all other players across network especially on the back drop of Econet wireless abruptly disconnecting them.


Even if they are willing to interconnect all players, how will Econet Wireless which stated security issues and violations of “Know Your Customer” rule, will respond to the proposal.

Interestingly, It will be rather ironic to note that it’s possible to transfer money to Econet from Telecel yet Econet has stopped transfers from Telecel, thus said even if Telecel is interested in interconnecting Econet, the onus is still on Econet to accept or reciprocate.

These are all just quick thoughts off my head , why not just wait for the official press briefing and we will be updating you with specific details.

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