Exciting Devices Trends for 2014

Smartphone and tablet apps remain the most popular app software, and a staple of modern life, but technology is expanding, bringing powerful computing and web connection to new devices and tools.


Our future will be redefined by how gadget app development is able to harness the rise of connected devices on the Internet of Things.     Drones: Drones are flying devices, often automated, but at the very least controlled remotely. The most recognizable form they take is those 4 rotored little helicopters.

Entrepreneurs are finding gadget app development services to create all kinds of uses for these little airborne allies, whether for getting a birds eye view of the land, or carrying a small payload of cargo from point A to point B.

No matter what their function, drones require both onboard and companion software, often in the form of mobile apps to compliment the mobile nature of the drone.

Smartwatches: Smartwatches are the latest devices in the wearables industry, and they are admittedly what you might call “bleeding edge” devices.

They have a lot of appeal, and are innovating and iterating to fill more and more consumer needs. There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll be seeing Smartwatches regularly in our day-to-day lives by the end of 2014, and in order to really secure that success, app makers will need to capitalize on that growth by pushing out innovative native smartwatch apps.

Google Glass: This is the one everyone will be talking about, and for good reason. This product not only provides unprecedented hands-free capabilities, it also shakes up our understanding of the relationship between man and machine. Google Glass excels when it gets to know the user, and it will be interesting to see what strategies and uses developers can come up with as the product matures after launch. (It’s done a lot of maturing already, which we’ve been a part of in the Explorers program, but the stakes are pretty low, just wait until millions of users are on Glass…it’s going to be intense).

Consumer Appliances: Though I’m putting this as a single category, it’s a pretty diverse group of devices: refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, coffee makers, thermostats—all kinds of home appliances are getting hooked up to the Internet of Things. Just think about how awesome it will be to have an app that, with tap of a single button, brews up a cup of coffee, preheats the oven, and turns your media center to your favorite Pandora station, all before you even get home.

This kind of home-convenience is one of the most exciting gadget app development trends, due to how profoundly it could affect our lives.   Security Tools: Now imagine every lock in your house is monitored by a mobile app. Ever wondered if you remembered to lock up? Just open an app and lock them all remotely. As devices get smarter, we’ll be able to make apps that automatically unlock everything—doors, cars, safes—simply based on our proximity.

Apps and connected gadgets will also provide great resources for security monitoring, whether through streaming video and audio, or by sending alerts based on sensors and equipment activity. Gadget app development will give us a whole new level of confidence in security. –

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