Event: E-xpert Solutions To Hold A Practical Project Management Workshop

X-Pert Solutions a local technology and project management firm will be holding a management seminar on the 19 of this month speaking chief amongst other topics:

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They offer leaders in project management, programme management and project oversight. They cover both business and ICT projects and have recorded successes locally and abroad. “In addition to the local project portfolio, we also cover Sub-Saharan Africa, and our current initiatives are targeted at Zambia and Botswana.”

With ICT projects the process can commence from gathering requirements in liaison with the business, through to system selection and implementation. In some cases the system would already have been selected and the System identified hence we get appointed to ‘kick off’ the implementation. We may also be approached by system vendors to provide project oversight and/or programme portfolio management.

“In order to ensure that the teams’ are adequately equipped to successfully run the project, we run workshops on practical project management concepts and principles for the project teams and Executives up to the “C” level,” said the CEO and founder of expert solutions Joice Benza
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At the Helm of X-Pert Solutions is Mrs. Joice Benza. She is the CEO and founder of this successful Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organization which is positioned for greater heights. Joice is a renowned ICT Strategist and Project/Programme Manager, with extensive local and regional experience in evolving, formulating and implementing ICT Strategies and has held Senior Group ICT Executive and CIO positions before setting up X-Pert Solutions.

Joice who has over 29 years experience gained locally and abroad in ICT has the following credentials, and hastened to say her Nottingham MBA and the Wits Business Project Management certification, enhanced her business knowledge and exposure which enhanced her confidence to set up X-Pert Solutions. Joice is backed up by a team of senior Experts in all ICT disciplines.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
X-Pert Solutions advocate that effective CRM should be grounded on high quality customer information and enabled by appropriate technologies delivering Customer Analytics and Customer Data Management. Based on customer touch points, X-Pert Solutions facilitate CRM Strategy formulation, requirements definition and implementation of tried and tested CRM Technologies, with tools and capabilities to deliver;
• Improved Customer Experience
• Impactful Marketing Communications
• Sales Marketing productivity.
A good CRM system/tool enables corporates to create and maintain a clear picture of all data ranging from customers, partners, business units, programs, projects, portfolios, objectives, milestones, risks/issues and incidents. Joice indicated that customer touch points should encompass social media, and other internet tools, as a means of pulling and pushing information to the Customer.

ICT Strategic Framework

Amidst the internet and technology jungles, organizations need structured ICT Strategies to ensure convergence, and hence formulation and implementation of ICT Strategies, based on application of tried and tested best practice methodologies and standards, such as the COBIT framework. If strategies already exist, the focus will be on reviewing existing ones and make necessary enhancements. Facilitation of alignment of the ICT Strategies with the Corporate and Business Strategies is also an area of focus for X-pert Solutions.
Upgrade Workshops on standards and Best practices including on the job hand holding where required is offered to the clients on site.

Business Intelligence
While organizations have spent time implementing business applications, MIS and Executive Information is still a major challenge in most organizations. X-Pert Solutions have expertise to facilitate data mining from the various applications and presenting it in the required formats for Executive decision making. Information in the right format with the required attributes, he “C” levels.
Microsoft Partner
Genuine licensing, implementation and support are the main areas of focus for X-Pert Solutions. Organizations are either upgrading their licenses or regularizing if they had not been complaint. A number of our clients have opted to a phased approach to regularize their licensing in order to ensure that they comply, while also managing their cash flows.

Business Continuity and DRP
Every organization required (s) a Disaster Management Plan and adequate ICT Security to ensure Business Continuity. X-Pert Solutions works with on site teams to facilitate the DRP process. The plan should align with Critical Elements of the Business and required Service Level Agreements. Thorough testing of the plan is a Critical Success Factor.

Systems Performance Evaluation
“We have made a positive impact in organizations where we evaluated the performance of existing systems, identifying any bottlenecks and streamlining specific processes. “When a system has been running for a period of time, the users tend to get used to its malfunctioning and go back to manual cumbersome processes”. An external evaluation always assists by identifying such issues and ensuring that they are addressed. X-Pert Solutions also carries out business process reviews and helps organizations remove redundant functions, resulting in substantial cost savings.” saif their report.

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