Event: CSZ To Hold ZimAsset Opportunities in ICT Discussion.

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe Has announced that it will holding the , ZimAsset: Opportunities for the I.C.T Sector, a panel series to be hosted by the Computer Society of Zimbabwe featuring Emerging Technology Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

The aim of the series is to connect the Zimbabwe market with its emerging technology entrepreneurs. The country abound in skills and talent but at the same time business is importing technology skills and tools from such established powerhouses like South Africa, India, Asia and Europe. Who are the skilled Zimbabwe developers and what have they done?

The platform will provide an opportunity to Computer Society of Zimbabwe members and the public to know about hot local technology programs and interact with creators of the projects. The developers will also learn from the market on how they can best serve Zimbabwe and appreciate the real challenges that the market faces and solutions they can formulate to cover this. This also will be an opportunity to get expert discussions on the ZimAsset program and opportunities it is bringing to the ICT Sector.

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Around eight emerging I.C.T entrepreneurs will be given opportunities to present their products to the audience and this will then be followed by a question and answer session as they interact with their market.
All the developers on the panel have products on the market. I.C.T related products include mobile applications and website platforms. Among the presenters on the panel we are going to have Mr. Munyaradzi Gwatidzo from Astro Mobile, one of the leading suppliers of high end mobile devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets. Astro Mobile is also emerging as one of the leading mobile applications developers with their own market place and applications of repute.

Mr. Sam Takunda from an online payment system that allows buyers to purchase items online through the Ecocash platform will also be there to share experiences with the market and get to know the expectations of pay4app users from the application.

Kevin Ngalonde (V.I,D.App and Network Marketing App), Tinashe Kujoka (DriveSafe and Hunter) and Kudzai Sadomba (ZiDrive and other apps) will be there representing emerging giants in programming for the mobile and the web front. These technology entrepreneurs have built great applications especially for learner drivers.
On the market there has been a product that has helped students do well in examinations from primary school to tertiary level, this is the Denhe.info platform, one of the founder Givemore Dube will be there to talk about the project and how it is assisting in help learners scale dizzy heights.

Local website domain name registrations have been a long process and a bit expensive but with the introduction of Name.co.zw, the process have become easier. You can do everything online, submitting your application forms, details and in a short space of time you have your local domain running. Rushmore Mushambi and Isaac Maphosa will be on the panel sharing experiences with the market.

The event will be for those interested in starting businesses online and on mobile phones. This is an opportunity to network with Zimbabwe’s talented programmers, designers and applications developers. For developers this will be an opportunity to meet with the market.

There will also be emphasis on opportunities that are being brought about the ZimAsset program for the I.C.T sector.

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The Computer Society of Zimbabwe host monthly function on different subjects that matter to the public and its membership from an I.C.T perspective. There will be a Business School coming up in Masvingo in June and a Summer School in Victoria Falls in November open to members of the public and the membership. The June function will be focusing on I.T Service Management.

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe was founded in 1974 with one objective, that of benefiting the Computer Industry and all people who work in it. The Society’s aims were to educate the general public on the use and development of Electronic Data Processing, today more widely known as Information Communication Technology. It set itself up to bring people using computers together, to set up standards within the industry and to promote computers and their use in scientific and commercial environments.

To register for the Emerging Technology Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe event,
Visit: www.csz.eventbrite.com

Date: 20 May 2014, Time: 1645 – 1945, Venue: Jameson Hotel, Harare


Admission: Register on www.Csz.eventbrite.com

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