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EU Forces Apple To Adopt USB-C Type Charger


The EU has reached an agreement to force Apple to adopt USB-C on the iPhone and AirPods by fall 2024. The move follows complaints from iPhone and Android users about having to use different chargers.
Members of the European Parliament said moving to USB-C will serve to reduce electronic waste, improve the sustainability of consumer electronics, and simplify the user experience for people with different devices.
“The agreement reached today also ensures that the common charger solutions can be implemented without delay, especially given the widely available technological solutions and ample time already given to industry to adapt.
A transition period of 24 months from official adoption is therefore established to make the common charger a reality for everyone for all categories of products in scope except for laptops which will benefit from 40 months,”the EU said
Apple has infamously stuck with Lightning for the iPhone and AirPods despite a near-global movement towards USB-C. But change is coming to the iPhone it seems, as the latter will join USB-C available in various iPads and Macs.
However Apple is also said to be testing a USB-C to Lightning adapter so that its new and old products can work together. Apple is also said to move to USB Type-C port for its accessories such as Airpods, Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, Mouse, as well as a MagSafe Battery Pack.

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