"We Erred On Data Floor Price" Supa

The minister of ICT Postal and courier service hon Supa Mandiwanzira openly admitted before the ICT Parliamentary portfolio that they erred when they agreed to the consensus by Telecommunication Operators to introduce the new pricing system.

Responding to questions from members of parliaments, who took take fire their canisters, during a public hearing, the minister was frank enough to admit that there were mistakes made especially in enforcing on a floor tariff without the opposite ceiling.

The ICT minister admitted that there was an oversight on the issue,and they should have agreed to both the minimum data price and the maximum, but this was never looked into as the government agreed to enforce a minimum tariff through the floor price system.

However the minister insisted that this was not their agenda, but was a mere responds to the the operators demands through the Telecommunications Association of Zimbabwe.

The member of parliament quizzed why the government never cared about protecting the consumers and focused on creating a minimum price which only had the interest of the Mobile Network Operators, (MNO) while it exposed the consumers

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