Engage Diaspora Cyber Security Experts, New Government Urged

AN IT expert says there is need for the new government to lure cyber security experts back into the country.

Speaking to journalists on Friday after a Cybersecurity workshop, Frampol Africa head Neil Padmore said there should be a ‘sticky bait’ to attract requisite skills set.

“It’s a very good question. I feel passionate about this. I think what should happen is that as a country led by government we should be targeting a specific skills set globally. And encouraging them to come back with specific benefits in terms of remuneration and tax,” he said.

Padmore added that the new political landscape is an opportunity to retain the skills set lost via brain drain overseas.

To Padmore, the sticky bait for the diaspora is a tax holiday.

“Let me give you an example, if we can attract skills, from the diaspora into Zimbabwe by simply saying you’ve got an income tax holiday, one to two maybe three or four years, this will make a big difference. That’s what I would do and that’s what I strongly recommend our legislators to do,” he said.

Many Zimbabweans have migrated to foreign lands in search for greener pastures where their cyber security skills are recognized. Further, despite the formation of a cyber security, threat detection and mitigation ministry, cyber security effort was largely concentrated on the political discourse leaving the economic front vulnerable.

The nation awaits the tabling of the Computer Crime, Cyber Security Bill in Parliament.


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