Eng. Quinton Kanhukamwe turns HIT into a global brand, Partners Columbia

The Harare Institute of Technology, (HIT)  has been writing remarkable success stories since Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe intercepted the Vice Chancellor’s post back in July 2014. HIT is no-longer a new name in pioneering the technology movement in Zimbabwe where a recent fresh historic achievement saw one of its own student, Kudzai Chasinda getting a memorable Google recognition.  

By Shingie Lev Muringi  

Now the latest landmark achievement came last month when Eng. Quinton Kanhukamwe pioneered yet another inception of a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Centre for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and International Development (CELID), effective from 16 May 2016.

This latest commendable partnership comes at the same time when the Airforce of Zimbabwe has been courting HIT for technological exchange and training programs which will see the two institutions entering into an agreement where the university will begin training the Airforce personnel in areas of technological interests.

The Memorandum of Agreement with the University of the District of Columbia will run for an initial two-year period and may be extended by an additional two-year period or any mutual agreed period.

This agreement is focused on enhancing the two institution’s national and international reputation through institutional development by establishing cooperation in areas related to sustainable urban food management, renewable energy harvesting, water conservation, job creation through entrepreneurship and the development of management and leadership capacity to ensure continuous national development.

The purpose of this MoA is to develop academic and scientific relationships between the two institutions that include faculty exchange, design and implementation of training programmes, and promoting cooperative activities in areas of mutual interest.

The two parties are also in agreement to undertake and implement cooperation framework in the development of a Centre of Excellence in Southern Africa covering issues to do with information technology, computer systems, economics, food technology, management and finance.

Computer general applications, software engineering, database, computer networking and cyber security are some of the areas of interest to be pursued in Information Science and Technology.

The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Centre for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and International Development (CELID) is also partnering the Harare Institute of Technology to deliver programmes such as the train the trainer, exchange programmes for students and faculties, academic visits and internships.

HIT students will also be allowed to enroll in a range of well defined information technology courses such as computer science general applications, software engineering, database management, computer networking and cyber security to enable the Institute’s School of Information Sciences and Technology to close existing gaps.

The University of District of Columbia’s School of Business and Public Administration, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences shall widen cooperation in the areas of sustainable systems, health science, engineering and information technology.

As the Vice Chancellor, Eng. Kanhukamwe has been charged with contributing to the rapid industrialization of Zimbabwe through promoting the development, incubation, transfer and commercialization of technology, development of high level technical human capital; the establishment of production centres linked to academic departments and the development of a Science Park; offering education programmes focusing on design, production and maintenance technology with a technopreneurial and innovative thrust for continued relevance to industry and all other sectors of Zimbabwe’s economy amongst other Key Performance Areas.

Judging by the results, Eng. Kanhukamwe has been executing his mandate with excellence taking from the quality of the graduates and latest innovations coming from the Belvedere based technological institution.

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