#ZimStartUps: End-to-End Solutions Automates School Management

A local startup End to End Solutions is driven by a need to ease the way schools run their businesses. End To End Solutions is an Information technology company which started its operations in 2015. It is wholly owned by Zimbabwean nationals. The company is aimed at providing first class technological solutions to the world.

In this digital age, most schools ought to automate their daily activities to lighten the teachers’ burden of marking among other things.

“School management system goes a long way in simplifying the way they do their work. There is no need for schools to do the manual way of working of writing end of term reports, giving class and grading positions, as well as school fees management, library management, communication with parents, as well as expenditures and income management,” said the start-up’s co-founder Blessing Nyamadzawo.

Given various reports in the media where bursars steal money, this system with its payment modules guarantees transparency.

School Management System Student registration screen

“Then we go to the fees management, once one is registered for a given term, the system will also keep track of payments made, outstanding payments, on the click of a button someone can view the payments made, can generate statements for the student,” said Nyamadzawo.

Students and parents have portals where they can log in to check marks.

“Then we also have the student portal whereby the student can log in . students can download documents posted by the teacher. They can view marks assigned for a given exam. The student can also generate end of term reports. Students can also communicate to the school using the portal.

“We also have the parents’ portal. On the portal, parents are able to log in. the parent can also view all outstanding payments, books borrowed by the student, end of term reports and the progress of the student,” he said. “Then the school can generate the number of invoices and statements for the guardian given there are email addresses. For every payment, the system also sends SMS notifications to the student.”

School Management System Record Payment screen

The library module on the system enables students to read books online.

“Then there is the library module. The student can borrow and reserve books through the student portal. One can view books available for borrowing and reserve them for period of time. If you did not borrow the book for a period of time you had reserved it will automatically return it to the library so that others will actually borrow it. Students can also read books online on the portal in the form of PDFs, Word documents, videos and audios but the school has to put the books on the portal so that the student can accessed.”

The system has been received well by the public despite the startup having hick ups in hyping it.

“I can say the response is positive but what is lacking at the moment to be honest is advertising. But most of the schools we have approached so far they are coming on board, they are appreciating the system will simplify the way they run their daily activities,” says Nyamadzawo.

Upmarket schools such as Little Rock International are using the system.

“Currently I can say Little Rock International school, they have been using the system for a year now.  Then we also have Waterfalls Junior where we are at an advanced stage of finalising the implantation. We also have Vainona Primary and High School they have engaged us, we are now finalising the contract. The response is positive but on the marketing side, we are found a bit wanting,” added Nyamadzawo.

The School Management System is designed as a cloud based with data integrity, flexibility, accountability, usability, security, and completeness.


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