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Computer Society of Zimbabwe is hosting a women’s in ICT conference at Meikles Hotel from 17.00-20.45 on the 29th of July 2014 under the theme ZIM ASSET: Emerging Entrepreneurs Series: Women in ICT (CSZ JULY FUNCTION) on
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)
Harare, Zimbabwe

According to CSZ, the salient and silent features of the ZIM ASSET blueprint points to ICT as the enabler of all activities. Without ICTs most of the objectives become insurmountable. This places the sector at the highest echelons in the development agenda of the nation. It also brings to the fore great opportunities that lie ahead for ICT professionals, opportunities that can only be harnessed if we become innovative and entrepreneurial. ICT professionals are the greatest beneficiaries of ZIM ASSET.wom in ict computer society of Zimbabwe 2

Women are the vital cog, the golden goose to lay the golden egg that will take the nation forward. The Computer Society of Zimbabwe, through this function, seeks to bring up the girl child so that her capabilities are known to the wider audience. She has been working tirelessly in the back ground making sure the nation ticks. It is time we give her space to showcase her contributions. Together with the boy child they have the capacity to take the nation forward.
Below are the profiles of the speakers, the entrepreneurs and their products brief.
Miriam Chahuruva, Harare Institute of Technology

ZIMASSET Opportunities for the ICT Sector
Miriam Chahuruva is the ICT Director at (HIT). She also lecturers to students. Miriam has over 15 years of experience in IT, primarily in the higher education sector. Her areas of expertise include IT Service Delivery, Project Management, Application Management and Relationship Management. She holds a BSc (Hons) and MSc Degree in Computer Science.

Tsitsi Grace Chiwanza, Pearl Properties
Tsitsi Grace Chiwanza is an ICT professional with experience and proven track record of applying appropriate technology mix that meet business needs while minimizing ICT risks. She has over 19 years of experience in ICT Strategy Design and Implementation, Development, Acquisition, Maintenance and Support of Business Application Systems, Management of ICT Projects, Acquisition, Implementation and Maintenance ICT Infrastructure.

Rumbie Charlene Shoko: ZimboKitchen
Rumbie is the founding editor and recipe developer and does the hands-on cooking for ZimboKitchen. She studied PC Engineering and Networking in 2005 and went on to do Web development in 2007. In 2009 she completed international program with a Canadian based firm on online content marketing. She is also a loving wife and dedicated mother of 3 . Zimbokitchen came about in November 2012 and we got runners up prize in the 2013 ZOL Startup Challenge.

Moleen Mwanza : National University of Science and Technology

The system enables medical institutions’ staff to register birth records online, parents to make online applications of birth certificates, making the printing of a birth certificate at the registrar’s office easy. Successful applicants receive SMS notification of the collection dates and place. The novelty of the system is that the birth certificate is collected at the nearest registry office or designated point, thus reducing travel and the visits to as well as queues at the registration centres. It brings the service to the people. Those in remote locations can use it to register for their birth certificates. The developer belongs to the BSc (Hons) Degree in Computer Science class of 2014.

Rumbidzai Taponeswa Nyakabau: Harare Institute of Technology
computer Society of Zimbabwe woman in ICT
This is a tendering system designed to enhance management productivity for both the tenderer and tenderee via a website. It is an automated system which evaluates bids. This e-tendering automates most of the tendering processes: right from preparing the tender specification; advertising; tender aggregation; to the evaluation and placing of the contract. The key derived benefits are the reduction in operational cost and improvement of work efficiencies.

Lindah C Mahoso:
National University of Science and Technology
Antenatal eConsult

Monitor Your Pregnancy is designed that assist pregnant woman in making decisions on how to handle symptoms of the physiological changes taking place in their bodies due to the growing foetus. The system classifies physiological health problems in pregnant women according to those that require immediate attention and those that do not. After a problem has been classified as not requiring the doctor’s attention, the system suggests ways of how to handle the problem. For those that require a doctor, the system sends a message to the doctor notifying them of the patient’s request. It is web based therefore it can be accessed from anywhere where there is internet access. Monitor your pregnancy helps women cut down the visits to the doctor. Linda belongs to the BSc (Hons) Degree in Computer Science class of 2014.

Nyasha Chakanyuka: Harare Institute of Technology
Realtime Stock

This is an effective and efficient stock trading platform that redresses imbalances in knowledge and performance noted in the local trading for the Zimbabwean stock exchange environment. It focuses on emplacement of algorithmic principles on the existing stock exchange trading platform to create a well competitive and modernized stock trading through the manipulation of both technology and new business ideas. It strikes positivism through escalation of trust and loyalty level among stakeholders involved.

Liliosa M Mushonga: Harare Institute of Technology

The system uses neural networks for predictive analysis in the energy sector. Electricity is a significant key driver for economic development, while the accuracy of energy demand forecasts is an important factor leading to the success of efficiency planning. For this reason, energy analysts need a guideline to better choose the most appropriate prediction techniques in order to provide accurate predictions of energy consumption trends. The predictive systems is earmarked to be used by electricity generation and supply companies like the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) to help them develop energy policies as well as measures on energy conservation and alternative energy.

Constance Chikowo and Precious Pfukwa: University of Zimbabwe
Law firm management System

The system automates activities of law firms through capturing information on all cases and matters dealt with and tracking case progress until a case is closed. Also, the system captures all billable time through time sheets and expenses and users can see the status of a bill at any time. The system also captures staff details, keeps track of staff movement and staff time entry and timeout, and produces a report on staff performance. Also, the system tracks logs, and stores details about phone calls, e-mails, and other correspondence for clients.

Faith Ruvimbo Nyakudya: Harare Institute of Technology
The Parental Academic Interactive System (PAIS)

The Parental Academic Interactive System (PAIS) is an online system aimed at facilitating effective interaction and collaboration between teachers and parents of students at primary and high school level. Its ultimate goal is to ensure high academic performance levels amongst students at schools where the system is implemented. This will bring about positive gains and benefits for all parties involved, that is, the students, the parents, the teachers and the schools/colleges. In addition, due to the benefits it brings about, the system will contribute immensely to an improved pass rate at the schools/colleges where it is implemented.

Simbisanai Ashleigh Nyamakura:Harare Institute of Technology
SMS Advertising Interface

The SMS Advertising Interface enables the business world to access their advertising services such as posting and retrieving adverts online with no time delays, irrespective of geographical location, it also provides important information about new and existing products or services as soon as they become available. This application can either be used to push or pull messages. It reduces the need for subscribers to access the website on a remote desktop or home computer systems to access advertising facilities.
computer society of Zimbabwe crd3
Cecilia Tengani:Harare Institute of Technology
Paralympic Games

This is an online product that allows for the distributed registration of athletes without the need to visit the game hosting centers. It classifies and categorizes the participating athletes ensuring they are registered correctly. It simplifies the registration eliminates the cost of travel and wrong categorization of the athletes.

Other Activities

These series are being help as the society moves towards forty years in existence, there will also be two functions in August, one on Forensics and another one an Apthon where local developers will battle it out to bring utility apps onto the market. The annual summer school have been confirmed for 13-15 November 2014 slated for the Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls, the theme this year is: IT Governance – A Pillar for Development.

This event will be a platform for women to express themselves in Science and Technology sector and a eye opener to the nation from presentations by the Higher Learning Institutions representatives.

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