Emerging Threats for 2014: An Ethical Hacker’s View

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Peter Wood is a world-renowned security evangelist, speaking at conferences and seminars on ethical hacking techniques. He will discuss his perspective on threats that will emerge over the next year, based on his research and consultancy with major corporations. His presentation will embrace the risks from new technologies and working practices, as well as the changing criminal and activist landscape.

  • Description: Advances in technology continue to occur at a rapid rate bringing better and cheaper network technology and services to the market. At the same time, competition in the provider market is growing fierce, yielding rewarding cost savings for those able to identify and seize the opportunity. Watch this webinar to learn about Spyders’ Proven Network Environmental Scan Methodology that has lowered Network infrastructure costs by 15% to 30% per annum, while enhancing performance, functionality, service, security and technology.

  • Businesses must protect their assets, especially as security boundaries are changing. Leverage your existing identity foundation as a way to enforce access policies across current and new applications. Oxford Computer Group is pleased to host the third webinar, Identity and Access Governance for Hybrid Identity, as part of a three-part series leading up to our Summit on the Microsoft Redmond campus January 7 – 9, 2014.

    This session, featuring Microsoft identity engineering Principal Program Manager Mark Wahl, presents an overview of the techniques for delivering IT governance through identity and access management, leveraging Windows Azure Active Directory, Windows Server, Forefront Identity Manager and the Microsoft BHOLD Suite to provide consistent identity and access controls across on-premises data, in-house-developed cloud applications and third-party SaaS applications.

  • Even with a seemingly robust security posture, organizations are all too often exposed to breaches because traditional security defenses simply cannot detect today’s advanced attacks. Remediation is possible, but comes at a cost.

    Join Securosis Analyst Mike Rothman for a live webcast explaining how to respond to security incidents, model the costs of cyber attacks, and secure the right budget for a vigorous defense.

    Why you should attend:

    – Learn how to create a detailed process map and remediation plan.
    – Discover how costs can be modeled to assess the economic impact of attacks.
    – Get the budget you need by learning the hidden costs of doing nothing – and how to substantiate the ROI of advanced threat protection.

  • The relationship between Development and Operations continues to become more intertwined as cloud and mobile service expectations rise. Faster application release cycles and improved quality equates to improved operational performance and customer satisfaction. But how can good API Security & Management practices help to accelerate the delivery of mobile apps? And what’s the most effective way to secure them? Please join us to discuss API Security & Management practices to improve your DevOps application delivery process.
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