eLearning Solutions To Unveil mobile learning from $2 per course


E-learning Solutions has announced that it will be introducing a new product launch, targeting the mobile market  with  their  new product to be officially launched this  Tuesday the 17th of June.

By TechnoMag Writer

This will be a provision for high school students to have access to school curriculum material on the go from  their homes, schools community and work places and the new innovative platform is already live on the website www.mcourser.africa.com.

To add  convenience, the system is already integrated for e-commerce where any desired module can be bought through subscriptions via Telecash, Ecocash and One wallet for as little as $2.

While presenting, Mr Isaac Chafera of e-learning said that “mlearning has moved learning outside conventional with the mobile version, this however like any of our packages does not seek to replace the teacher but bring convinience to the student.”

For those who are not always online, the mobile solution has also come in handy as it can work offline by downloading the  mLibro which enables a user to access information offline once they have subscribed to eLearining solutions. this meaning that even those students, parents and teachers in the outskirts of Zimbabwe can also have access to the information of mCouser.

More detailes will be availed during the launch as TechnoMag will give you real time access!

Onwell Matienga

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