EGhana Project Receives Biometric Boost

Gemalto, an established provider of digital
security services, has been appointed as prime
contractor and turnkey supplier to provide
Ghana Immigration Services (GIS) with a
highly secure electronic visa and border
management solution. This initiative is part of the eGhana project, an ambitious plan with
backing from the World Bank to create a
modern IT infrastructure that can support the
country’s sustainable development plans in the
years ahead. With a population of 24 million, the Republic
of Ghana is experiencing rapid expansion of
cross-border travel. Recognizing the need to
improve the security and efficiency of its
existing procedures, the country’s immigration
service has turned to Gemalto to deliver the benefits of a country-wide electronic border
management system based on biometric
authentication. Gemalto acts as prime contractor and will take
responsibility for integrating the advanced visa
and border management solution, including
change management, transitional training and
maintenance services. The company will deploy border management
systems at Ghana’s main ports of arrival and
will implement a fully computerized system for
visa and permit applications processing and
issuing, with the collaboration of Avalon
Biometrics. The project also covers the set up of an online
portal service for visa application, and the
implementation of electronic gates at Accra’s
Kotoka International Airport, for rapid,
convenient and automated border control of
arrivals and departures. This mission-critical solution will streamline
processes, reinforce national security and
provide the GIS with enhanced border
information and intelligence. Aided by
biometric data, the authorities will be able to
account accurately for everyone entering and leaving the country. The system will also
improve the traveling experience, delivering
faster and significantly more convenient
border control procedures for visitors. “To maintain Ghana’s economic development,
we need an immigration system that can meet
the challenges of rapid growth in international
travel,” said Commissioner of Police Dr. Peter
A. Wiredu, Director of Ghana Immigration
Service. “Gemalto contributed to over 80 successful government programs worldwide
and has all the required project management
skills, reputation and expertise to deliver the
country’s new IT infrastructure”. “This advanced electronic identity
management system is fundamental to the
whole eGhana project,” said Ari Bouzbib,
Senior Vice President for Government
Programs at Gemalto. “It will put the country’s
border control processes on par with the latest, cutting-edge practices worldwide. In
addition to helping to transform Ghana, it can
serve as a template for modernization across
many other countries in Africa.”Desert
Source ITNewsAfrica

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