ED’s Former Deputy Now Chairs Electric Cars Firm


The former deputy to the current head of state and government and commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Emmerson Dambudzo ED Mnangagwa, Fortune Chasi is the new Chairperson of AGILITEE Africa, a South African electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturer.Speaking on a live TechnoMag interview yesterday Chasi who was President Mnangagwa’s Deputy Minister of jUSTICE legal and Parliamentary Affairs following his appointment in September 2013, said Agilitee will officially launch its products in Zimbabwe on June 18 and aims to create over 1 000 jobs in the country.
On Friday, Agilitee officially launched a range of new vehicles in Sandton soon after listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on the same day.

The company, which has appointed former Fortune Chasi who coincidentally was moved to deputise the late Joel Biggie Matiza in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development when President Mnangagwa came to power in 2018, was then promoted by President ED to become the Minister of Energy and Power Development Minister.Advocate Fortune Chasi as its chairperson, has identified Zimbabwe as one of its prime markets, owing to Government’s green-tech friendly policies which coincidentally he initiated during his short amazing stint as Energy Minister.
The glitzy launch of Agilitee’s new products in South Africa was also attended by top SA celebrities Pearl Thusi and Somizi.Speaking at the glitzy launch ceremony, Agilitee Africa chief executive Dr Mandla Lamba said after the launch in Sandton, Zimbabwe was the next port of call hence the coming in of our former vibrant minister Chasi who told TechnoMag viewers on a live broadcast that they are here to stay starteing by assembling the electic cars then eventually manufacturing them from scratch.
“We have made history as the first African company of this nature to list on the JSE. We have launched here in Johannesburg and after that we will be launching in Zimbabwe on the 18th of June. Before the end of the year, we want to establish ourselves in all the countries in Africa. Agilitee has also been approached in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Pakistan.

“Agility is a movement and our aim is to conquer the world and make the world a better place by providing electric vehicles that are environmentally friendly.”

Dr Lamba said Agilitee had acquired a majority stake in Zimbabwe’s EVs company, Zimtorque, in a cash-and-share swap deal.

Prior to the acquisition, ZimTorque was owned by electric cars expert, Mr Tanaka Kutama, who will assume the position of chief operating officer for Agilitee Zimbabwe.
Said Dr Lamba: “We have acquired Mr Tanaka Kutama’s company and we will be working with him. He is a brilliant innovator who fits into our vision.

“Zimbabwe is an important market for us because there are abundant lithium resources in the country and it will be convenient for us to manufacture our products there. We want to create plenty of jobs in Zimbabwe and support the revival of the economy.”

Hon Fortune Chasi said Agilitee will create an initial 1 000 jobs when the company commences operations in Zimbabwe.
“We will revive the automobile industry in a big way in Zimbabwe. We are going to start with the manufacture of motor bikes first before moving to the cars.We will be helping government reduce the import bill on fuiel as i know what is at stakes having been energy minister myself.
“On top of 2 assembly plants one in Harare and another in Bulawayo, for the manufacture of the vehicles, we are going to set up charging stations. Essentially, there are going to be many upstream and downstream benefits as well as technological transfer.”
”You can imagine travelling for free without putting fuel in the cars just one battery needing recharge.
Advocate Chasi said: “Adoption of EVs will help Zimbabwe to fulfil its Sustainable Development Goals commitments. It will help the ordinary person’s businesses, big and small. Government departments and parastatals will benefit in a big way from fuel savings.”

A lawyer by training Advocate Chasi denied there was bad blood between him and the president’s son and nephew that is Sydney Gata who when TechnoMag asked why he hadnt fired hime he said
”There was no bad blood whatsoevr.

Ross Moyo

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